Friday, 15 February 2013

Celebrity Darling for GREE Review

Another Gree/ Voltage game !
As you know, their last one, Bodyguard, really disappointed me, and I had no motivation at all to play it.
Thankfully, CD looks a lot more promising !! Though there are several problems with the game that they need to fix ASAP !!

So far the storyline seems a little predictable, reminding me of Koyonplete's Pure Love -You are a working class girl (In Pure Love you worked at a cafe I think, in this you worked in a cake shop) and you get scouted in some way to begin your journey. In both, the bachelors are part of da kewl boy bands.

First view of bishie


I've heard of these... The dodgy 'Entertainment' Companies that scout
young, naive and innocent girls.
Rabbit promotions sounds pretty dodgy to me.
Better watch my back.


Also one problem I have with the game so far is the grainy look in some of the art.

Login bonuses !
Definite plus!

Boo. The Main page will not load for my android device.
Anyone else have this problem ??

'Auditions'. This Celebrity Darling twist on the original 'Party'

Room doesn't show up either. ):
Overall, Celebrity Darling definitely looks like a promising game, the artwork has improved again (except for the pixels in some) and the bishies are bishier once again.
I really recommend it even to just try and see if it suits your tastes.
I will be playing this and seeing if its worth continuing! (As the love passes thing still, and always will, annoy me. Plus the closets, and gacha points, and interior storage, and charm...)
I may create a walkthrough if I have time! Please keep an eye on this space!!

Until next time! x

EDIT: Part II here!

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