Friday, 22 February 2013

WALKTHROUGH- Celebrity Darling for GREE: Haru Shindo

This Walkthrough is incomplete but is updated daily as I play through it
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A: Accept It

A: Sing your heart out

B: Go since you want to hear

B: Try singing in spite of your anxiety

A: I'll put in more days of practice

B: Be candid: Badly

A: May as well visit

A: Ask what kind of onigiri he likes

B: Just apologize

A: Yes I am concerned

A: I've been busy with work
A: Let me think about it

A: Yes, go to the coffee shop

B: It's such an energetic city
A: Try it out, it looks fun
A: Drink the tea you bought
A: A Dress meant for going out in

B: Lets find a hand mixer
B: Order something from the specials

A: Sing along
B: Cardigan and miniskirt

A: See the penguins outside

A: Accept Offer

B: Watch acoustic checks

A: Head into audience

A: Is it okay ?

B: Watch

A: Hamburger Steak

*Have not gotten time to upload the rest of the images but here are the options

♥Add nothing
♥I don’t want to take time off
♥Step outside
♥Contact him
♥Ask what to watch out for in a recording
♥Tell him the truth
♥All the time
♥Sing with all you’ve got
♥Unseal them
♥Tell him about the fan mail

These were the options I made and I checked most of the time to see if they're 'correct' but please do let me know if you think they're wrong!


Sneak Peaks

Too bad he smokes... As 'bad boy' as it is, biggest a turn off. ):


Wow, encouraging me to be a pervert. tsk. 

Omg, Sasuke, He's like Sasuke. Plain onigiri! ♥




  1. love compatablity is still a C when I see it always like that or does it change? Cause when I see it on the bottom of the page it doesn't change..

    1. Don't worry ! My compatibility is also still a C. I've searched around and it seems that the compatibility doesn't change for many people until chapter 16.

  2. oh thank god for the comments! xD I was freaking out like a total madman non-stop wondering if the answers cbanged xD

    what's ur username?,may I add you?

  3. thank you so much for making this walkthrough, its helped me so much x3

  4. Correct answers. CONTINUATION of the guide by The Tsundere, by Rieko Takemura (User Rieko in Celebrity Darling)

    Level 18
    A) Openly deny it

    Final of level 18
    B) Do as you're told and take some time off

    = Mission: need 30.000 fans or more =

    Level 19 (Scene 16: A touch)

    (1/8) B) Step Outside
    (3/8) A) Contact him << My compatibility is A now!

    I answer correctly but the compatibility will not increase to part 3 of level 19!
    Sorry for my english, i speak spanish and i only can read english properly :c i just want share this to help <3!
    And thank you soooooo much for make the walkthrought! I used your answers to level 18 ;) and the others i discovered for my own... with some luck XD i really love haru <3

    1. OMG Thank you so much!!! I needed this, I am currently an A with Haru and I love him and his little sister, you are a life saver!

    2. How did you get A with haru??? Im on C and im freaking out a bit...

  5. Thank you so much for doing this!!

    But..will you do other routes too? Pretty please!

  6. Umm.. Wanna ask something... How to make Haru showed up in my room?

  7. You have to make your room look really acceptable. So it says in the tutorial anyway.

  8. Ur Walkthrough really helped me, I've had a compatibility rating of A since level 16 now im at 21 yay thanks a lot

  9. Wahhhh! I made it to Haru's ending but in order to get the sweet ending I need over 12000 more fans! Ugh that's going to take forever!! T^T

  10. What outfit should I choose his point of view or my point of view to better understand with Haru?
    oh by the way Thanks for all